Saturday, November 5, 2011

"La Toma" documentary screening TONIGHT @ New York Documentary Festival

A few months ago a wrote song for a documentary called "La Toma" (also the name of my song) about the eviction of a rural comunity in Colombia by the gorvernment and multinational corporations. The documentary has brought light to this issue and it will be screening today at the New York Documentary Festival. I highly recommend you  come attend! Here's the info:


La Toma Screening @ New York Documentary Festival

DATE: Saturday November 5th, 2011

TIME: 7:15pm


                     323 Avenue of the Americas

                     New York, NY 10014




La Toma

The people of La Toma, Colombia are fighting for their survival. Ironically it is the gold, which gave them their autonomy for hundreds of years that today threatens to destroy their way of life.

At the center of this struggle are two extraordinary people, Lisifrey and Francia. They have put their lives on the line defending their homeland from the onslaught of the gold rush.

La Toma shines a light on two unsung heroes inspiring us with their unrelenting strength and bravery.

Director: Paola Mendoza; Producer: Juan Mejia, Paola Mendoza & Gabriel Noble; Cinematographer: Juan Mejia & Gabriel Noble; Music: Gil Talmi, Gregorio Uribe & Monica Cohen; Editor: Gloria La Morte & Martha Skolnik.

Twitter: @paolamendoza

Section of Festival:
Expected to Attend:
La Toma Director Paola Mendoza, Cienaga Director Sebastian Pinzon.
Running Time:
63 min


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