Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Break Through Radio INTERVIEW and TONIGHT's show at SOB's!

Check out the my online interview on BTR (Break Through Radio). Just go to this link and it will play automatically: http://www.breakthruradio.com/index.php?show=11590

Also, don't forget our show tonight at SOB's (see flyer attached)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Our first single "CARIBE CONTIGO" has just been released!

We just released our first single "CARIBE CONTIGO"! 

-Go to WWW.GREGORIOURIBE.COM to watch video and download song for FREE

-Help us spread the word: send it to your friends, family, enemies, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends and more! (twitter, facebook, email etc)

-Make sure you hit the "Like" button when you're on our website...if you like it that is ;)

Thank you for the constant support and once more: SEND THIS AROUDN TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW so they can also enjoy the good energy of our music!



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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Final lyrics for 16-language song!

Ladies and Gentleman,

After all of your great help and contributions I give you the lyrics for my latest song which we'll perform for the first time next Tuesday September 28th, at SOB's in New York City (link below). Please have compassion with my pronunciation of all these 16 languages ;)  Thank you all who contributed!!!!



Welcome To La Capital (Lyrics)


This is where I wanna be (English)

Hayda el makan yalli bheb (Arabic)

Inima mea este aici (Romanian)

L'utshe m'esta vm'ire ny'et (Russian)


Paradis qui me rend fou (French)

Po Ani Kuli Ejhad (Hebrew)

Disinilah tempatku (Indonesian)

A gente adora este lugar (Portuguese)


Welcome to La Capital (X4)


Der ainzige Ort für mich (German)

Da i su ki na ba sho (Japonese)

wǒ bùnéng méiyǒu nǐ (Chinese)

Qui dove vive el mio cuor (Italian)


Ñoqa waylluni kaypi (Quechua)

To meros pu agapo (Greek)

Her samler iaig min styrke (Danish)

Mi lugar de inspiracion (Spanish)


Welcome to La Capital (X4)


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Found the russian phrase!

I found a phrase in russian thanks to Alex Gordeev! "Lutshe m'esta v'mire nyet" www.gregoriouribe.com

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New video and website coming very soon!!!

Been working on the new webpage for a few days...its almost ready! We're going to launch the video for our fiest single and you also be able to download the song for free at the new website. So standby because its only a matter of days.

We're also going to need all of your help to spread the word around. When I send you guys the link make sure you share it with your friends, family and enemies. Post it on your facebook profiles, tweet it, send an email to your friends, comment on our facebook page, on youtube, dance to it in your home parties and so on...Thank you all in advance! 

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Do you speak russian? (or know anybody who does?)

I still need a 7-sylable phrase in russian for this tune. I already have one that I might be able to use but I need someone to help me with the pronunciation (google translate didn't make it very clear!). So feel free to suggest new phrases or help me out with the pronunciation of the following phrase: место, где я любовь

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Maria Schneider

So I had a last minute gig in Chelsea. I set up my gear and then I had sometime before starting so I went walking around and ended up walking on The Highline (never been there before...very nice by the way). As I was walking back I recognized Jazz Composer Maria Schneider. I introduced myself and told her how I had seen her talks at Berklee and how I had some friends who took part in her workshops. Anyway, she was incredibly nice and she'll have some concerts at the Jazz Standard in NYC in November so check here webpage out. She is truly one of today's most important Jazz composers!


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A song about Hemingway

Just found this beautiful song (and a great version too) that talks about Hemingway and his days in Cuba. The song was writen by Luis Eduardo Aute: "En el Caribe, se vive como se escribe" ("In the Caribbean, you live the way you write")

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Miss Favela

It just doesn't get cooler than Brasil!
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I still need more 7-syllable phrases (any language!)

I still need more 7-syllable phrases in different languages to build this song! Here are the ones that I have so far so you get an idea: 

·      Italian: qui de dove il mio cuore vive / here is where my heart lives / Sara Cancino


·      Swiss german: da fühl ich mich deheime  / here is where I feel at home / Linus


·      French: C'est l'endroit que j'aime- this is the place I love / Caroline Lahoud


·      French: Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi- I can't live without you / Caroline Lahoud


·      Qechua: Ñoqa waylluni kaypi / yo amo este sitio / Cristal Downing


·      Russian: место, где я любовь / the place I love / Diana Marin


·      Hebrew: LO YAHOL BLI HAMAKOM HAZE /"I can't live without this place" / Gil Allouche


·      Hebrew: ZE HAMAKOM AHAHUV ALAY / "this is the place I love" / Gil Allouche


·      Hebrew: KAN ANI MITHABER EL HA OLAM / this is where I connect with the world" / Gil Allouche


·      Cape Verdean Krioulo: minha sonho ka ten fin / my dreams don’t end


·      Greek: to meros pou agapo / the place I love / Miles Georgoulopoulos


·      Portuguese: Meu cantinho amado / my beloved little corner / marcus santos


·      Romanian: Inima mea este aici / my heart is here / Laura Vitencu


·      Mandarin: wǒ bùnéng méiyǒu nǐ / I can’t live without you / Camilo Plazas/Christian Saffon


·      Arabic: Hayda el mahal yalli bheb / this is the place i love / Stephanie Jarrouche


·      Arabic: hone matrah ma betwasal maa el aalam / this is where I onnect with the world / Stephanie Jarrouche


·      Arabic: ma fiye iche bala hal matrah / I cant live without this place / Stephanie Jarrouche


·      Arabic (7sylables!): hayda el matrah li bheb / this is the place I love / Stephanie Jarrouche


·      Indonesian: disinilah tempatku / here’s where I belong / Windy Stiadi



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