Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Hi folks,

Unfortunatley will NO LOGER EXIST as of April 30th. But no big deal: If you are subscribed mt my blog and want to continue to do so please subscribe to:

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Thank you all and see you on the new blog.



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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Become supporters of our FIRST ALBUM through Kickstarter

Finally the moment is here to make GREGORIO URIBE BIG BAND's first album a REALITY!!

Over the past few years many of you have asked me "when are you guys gonna record an album?". Well, with YOUR SUPPORT we can finally make it happen!

I set up an online campaign on where ANYONE can contribute funds and become supporters of our album and get some pretty cool rewards in return (including ME writing a song for YOU!).

So I want to ask you to become supporters of my album and to also help me spread the word with as many people as you can. You can donate from $5 to $10,000 and all contributions we'll get us closer to our goal. We launched the campaign yesterday and have already got $2,000 pledged!!

Here is the link for the campaign:

Thank you all so much for your support.


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Monday, April 1, 2013

GUBB at Zinc Bar (Apr. 4th) - "Lend Your Leg"/"Remángate" Campaign (International Land Mine Awareness Day)

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I hope you enjoyed your Easter break and that you are ready to join un once again at our monthly big band show at Zinc Bar THIS THURSDAY!


Just came back from rehearsal and the band is sounding as good as usual and we are ready to get you dancing once again.


Also, it turns out that this Thursday is the International Land Mine Awareness Day and I’ve decided to join the “Lend Your Leg” campaign (“Remángate” in Spanish) and create awareness at our show. What do I need from you? It’s very simple: I want those who come to our show to literally rolle-up your pant leg…THAT’S IT! Here’s is a video from Grammy winner Juanes explaining a little more about it as well as other related links:


Juanes Video “Remángate” (includes subtitles in English):




Twitter: @remangate




So here are the details for this Thursday's show. Looking forward!




DATE: Thursday April 4th


TIME: 9pm-12am


VENUE: Zinc Bar (


              82 West 3rd Street (Greenwhich Village)


              New York, NY


COVER: $15





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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pictures from last night's show for Johnnie Walker and BMI Foundation

We had great show last night a private event by Johnnie Walker and BMI Foundation. Here are some pics of the show, the sound and the hang.


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gregorio Uribe Big Band TONIGHT at Zinc Bar + new big band music stands!

Hi Folks,

I'm happy to announce that our monthly show at Zinc Bar will take place TONIGHT MARCH 7TH.. Join us for the usual great music, dancing and fun with our Cumbias, Fandangos, Porros, Salsa and more!

Also very soon I'll be announcing fundraising campaign so that I can record my very first big band album! So stay tuned for that.

Finally check out the custom-made music stands that I got for the band in the picture below...very exiting!

I look forward to seeing you this Thursday and please help me spread the word.

Thanks for your constant support!



Gregorio Uribe Big Band @ Zinc Bar (First Thursday of Every Month)

DATE: Thursday March 7th

TIME: 9pm-12am

VENUE: Zinc Bar (

                82 West 3rd Street (Greenwich Village)

                New York, NY

COVER: $15



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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It doesn't really get more romantic than "Boleros". These beautiful songs have  been dedicated in serenades througout Latin America for generations and don't seem to lose their charm.

I recently recorded 10 of my favorite Boleros with just guitar and vocals at Ears & Gears ( These are "one-take" recordings that, although are far from perfect, carry my love for this style of music. I've decided to use Valentine's as an excuse to share theserecordings for FREE with everyone! So here are the two options you have for downloading them:


By simply "Liking" on my facebook page you will automatically download a file with this songs. Just go to this link and click "Like":



Simply visit my website ( and on the top right you'll see where it says "FREE SINGLE". Click on hat box where it says "Get it now!" and just by entering your email you'll receive the 10 songs FOR FREE!

So I hope that you'll enjoy these and that yo'll help me spread the word. Maybe you'll want to play them for someone you love tomorrow!

Here's a list of the songs that you'll DOWNLOAD FOR FREE:

1. La Barca

2. Sabor a Mi

3. Come Fue

4. Bachata Rosa

5. La Gloria Eres Tu

6. Sin Ti

7. Te Amaré Toda La Vida

8. Perfidia

9. Reloj

10. Pequeñas Cosas












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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Celebration with GUBB and Two-year anniversary of our monthly shows!!

Hi folks,

I just returned from an amazing week at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where I had the chance of playing my music with the members of the Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble lead by Don Glasgo. Very soon I'll share some pictures and videos of my time there but for now I want to remind you about our Valentine's Day show at Zinc Bar THIS THURSDAY. Also, we will be celebrating our TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF PERFORMING AT ZINC BAR EVERY MONTH! So whether you wanna take your significant other out for a night of dancing or if you wanna celebrate that you are single COME AND CELEBRATE WITH US!

I also wanted to mention the following: For the last two years the cover at the door of our Zinc Bar shows has been only $10 and you can imagine that when you divide this by 16 musicians there's not much left for each. Yes, musicians and artist love what they do and are not necessarily driven by money...hell, if that was the case, no body would want to be part of my big band! However, I have the privilege to have in my band amazingly talented and professional musicians who earn their living solely by their talent. These are musicians that are constantly playing on Broadway shows, recording on Grammy-winning albums, touring the world and playing in important Festivals. They have invested their time and money studying at some of the world's best music schools and spend hours each day mastering their craft. They have put so much time into learning my music, rehearsing constantly and, as you know, "bringing down the house" at each and one of our shows! If I could pay them what they deserve I would. So, from now on the cover at our shows at Zinc Bar will be $15 and I hope that you will continue to join us a this unique monthly celebration of Latin, Colombian and Big Band music! Believe me, we are not getting rich by doing these shows, but this extra $5 per cover will significantly help contribute to things like cab rides (many of my musicians are running to the show from playing other gigs), baby-siting costs, bus tickets (our guitarist Ignacio Hernández comes up from Washington, DC every month to play our show!) and maybe an extra beer in between sets. I appreciate your understanding and I hope that you'll continue to support our shows.

Anyway, here are the details for this THURSDAY'S SHOW! Looking forward to seeing you and having an amazing time as usual.

PS. We have a new original Cumbia that we'll play live for the first time this Thursday! It's called "Cumbia Universal".


DATE:    Thursday February 14, 2013

TIME:     9pm-12am

VENUE: Zinc Bar (

               82 West 3rd Street (btw. Sullivan and Thompson)

               New York, NY

COVER: $15





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Monday, January 28, 2013

Dartmouth University Residency/Concert and Valentine's show at Zinc Bar!‏

Hi everyone,

A few cool things to share with you:


I have been invited to Dartmouth College ( in New Hampshire as an "Artist in Residence" during the first week of February. I will spend a week on campus where I will present some workshops for the students while also rehearsing my big band music with the schools' Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble as we'll be performing during the 37th Annual Dartmouth Winter Carnival Concert on Saturday February 9th. I'm really looking forward to this as I know this is going to be a unique experience for me! THE CONCERT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC so if you are interested in attending please visit the following link for details:



Due to this week-long residency at Dartmouth our monthly big band show at Zinc Bar in New York has been MOVED TO THE SECOND WEEK OF FEBRUARY which means that we will be CELEBRATING VALENTINE'S DAY WITH GREGORIO URIBE BIG BAND! As if this wasn't enough to come out to the show, it's also going to be our TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF OUR MONTHLY SHOW AT ZINC BAR (In March we'll be back as usual on the first Thursday of every month).

So...IF YOU HAVE A SIGNIFICANT OTHER here's a plan: go out for a romantic dinner and then bring them to our show to finish the night with some Latin dancing.

IF YOU ARE SINGLE: join our party where you know you'll meet some other cool singles!

SINGLE AND NOT LOOKING: Just come and have a good pressure-free time ;)

Thank you all for your constant support and here are the details for this show:



DATE:    Thursday February 14, 2013

TIME:     9pm-12am

VENUE: Zinc Bar (

               82 West 3rd Street (btw. Sullivan and Thompson)

               New York, NY


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Sunday, January 13, 2013

NYC South American Music Festival - MONDAY Jan. 14th at Zinc Bar (7pm-11pm)

Hi everyone,

Great news! Gregorio Uribe Big Band will be performing TOMORROW (Monday Jan. 14) as part of the first edition of "NYC South American Music Festival". I'm honored to be sharing this night with other amazing artist who are also dear friends with whom I've collaborated in the past. Sofia Rei (Argentina), Sofia Tosello and Tangolandó (Argentina/Perú) and Juancho Herrera (Venezuela/Colombia) will be the other three artist who will perform that night. Each and one of them have great careers and have toured the world with their own music as well as with other important artist.
We have put this festival together in collaboration with Lili House Agency's Aurelie Cotugno who's been a great supporter for all of us and many other musicians in NYC. Below you will find all of the information of the show as well as information and websites of all the artist performing that night. This will be a unique opportunity to experience first-hand some of the unique sounds that result when South American sounds and spirit are filtered through the "New York City Experience". And the best of all, you'll get to see all for bands for only $15. GUBB will be closing the festival so we will be starting at 9:30pm but I highly suggest you get there from the beginning of the festival so you can witness all the other bands.
Thank you for your constant support and I look forward to seeing you there!


Monday, January 14, 2013
Zinc Bar
82 W. 3rd Street, New York, NY 10012
7 to 11 pm  212-477-9462
$15 - Free with APAP badge

The NYC South American Music Festival takes place during the APAP conference and celebrates a new movement in the US: music rooted in the folklore from the various countries of South America, as they meet with pop, rock, jazz and a hint of electronica. The actors are young artists from Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile converging in New York City. A generation of musicians that has blurred the boundaries between their musical cultures and carved out a renovated identity of the South American diaspora. These ground-breaking artists have been gaining recognition at the national and international levels. Each of them has crafted a distinct sound, whether it is tango with Afro-Peruvian rhythms, Colombian cumbia and mapalé in a big band setting, merengue caraqueño into a hip hop groove, or multi-track vocal grooves over a chacarera, using traditional and native instruments such as the charango, the cuatro, the bombo leguero, the cajon, the gaitas, as well as contemporary and electro-acoustic instruments. The result is substantial, uplifting, poignant and passionate, appealing to the traditional and progressive sensibilities alike.



Hailing from Colombia and Venezuela, and with a very impressive career of more than 20 years as a frontman and sideman, in the studio and on the road, Juancho Herrera has been an essential part of groups lead by some of today's top artists in jazz and world music, such as Claudia Acuña, Lila Downs, Sofia Rei, Marta Gomez, Mercedes Sosa, Idan Raichel, Aquiles Báez, Zemog el Gallo Bueno, and many others. As a bandleader, Juancho has released his second album, Banda in 2011 and has performed his original songs in Venezuela, Colombia, Hungary and the US. Combining the knowledge of traditions from various countries from Latin America and the U.S. with modern funk, blues and jazz influences, Juancho arrives to a very energetic and unique blend of true world music. Using modern instrumentation such as electric bass and guitars in combination with traditional instruments such as Peruvian cajon and Venezuelan cuatro, the project achieves a vibrant dialog between tradition and forward motion. 

“There are few artists pushing the boundaries of Latin jazz the way that Juancho is doing it today. Tapping into every little corner of the Latin-American vast musical history, his fusion grooves will give you a taste of how Latin music continues to grow as an important foundation of the jazz standard.”  -  Planet Eye Traveler

Juancho's EPK

SOFIA REI – 8 pm

Sofía is one of the most passionate, charismatic and inventive vocalists on the current New York music scene. Her music explores connections between the various traditions of South American folklore, jazz and electronic sounds. Her second album, Sube Azul, released by World Village/Harmonia Mundi, received the 2011 Independent Music Award in the World Beat category. She also received the Best Latin Jazz Vocalist of 2009 Award from the Latin Jazz Corner. Her collaborations include top musicians such as John Zorn (currently with the Mycale project), Maria Schneider, Bobby McFerrin, Frank London etc. She is also a faculty member at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Sofia has just launched her third album, De Tierra y Oro, a collection of original songs that tell of the seductive heterogeneity of her poetic and musical world: a cock fight in Cartagena, a nightmare in Buenos Aires, an angry statement against political indifference, a haunted man from the Andes...

"As the Argentine singer Sofia Rei  led her multinational band (...) the passion and clarity with which she assayed a tricky mix of South American rhythms and jazz-inflected harmonies made clear why she has been embraced by New York City audiences from Carnegie Hall to the hippest downtown haunts." - Phil Lutz, The New York Times

Video of Sofia Rei "La Llorona"


Tangolandó is the first encounter of the tango with Afro-Peruvian music, a journey integrating sounds born from the need of communication and exchange in Latin-American music in the cosmopolitan city of New York. The penetrating passion of tango together with the sensuality and mischievousness of the Afro-Peruvian and creole genres give life to this meshed, fluid and organic approach from Argentine singer Sofia Tosello and Peruvian guitarist Yuri Juárez. From the bandoneon's melancholic sounds to the rogue beat of the cajon, Tangolando recreates in a perfect balance timeless tangos through the freshness of Peru's coastal contemporary music. Prior to launching the Tangolandó album in 2012, Sofía and Yuri released their individual albums in 2009 and 2008 respectively. The have toured with the project in Peru, Argentina, India and amongst other venues at Joe's Pub in NYC and the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.

"on this record the so-called fusion is so exquisitely seamless that it is almost impossible to separate where one starts and the other ends. (…) it is the spirit that moves the music through its instrumentalists especially in the glue that binds it all together: the voice of Tosello and the guitar of Juárez." Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network

Video de Tangolandó "Nostalgias" on the Peruvian TV show Sonidos del Mundo


Gregorio Uribe Big Band is a 16-piece musical experience that blends Colombian rhythms such as cumbia and chandé with powerful big band arranging. This music machine brings together musicians from many countries around the world that, under Gregorio Uribe's leadership and vision, create a masterpiece of Latin rhythms. Their sound is based on old cumbia and porro big bands which where so popular in Colombia during the 50's and 60's yet they bring new and modern arrangements and a deep personal sentiment through Gregorio's original compositions based on personal and contemporary experiences and influences. Gregorio's energetic and sophisticated approach to the music of his country has led him to share the stage with such renowned artists as the Grammy-winners Rubén Blades, Carlos Vives and Latin Grammy Award-winners Aterciopelados and Bomba Estereo. He has also performed at the Kennedy Center and has been interviewed by CNN.

"Gregorio Uribe, a mild-mannered 25-year old from Bogota, Colombia, manages to strike a rare balance between youthful energy and the authority of a self-made music impresario." Jose Simian, New York Daily News 2010

Video of Gregorio Uribe Big Band "Caribe Contigo"/EPK

Press contact: 
Aurelie Cotugno
Lilihouse Agency


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