Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It doesn't really get more romantic than "Boleros". These beautiful songs have  been dedicated in serenades througout Latin America for generations and don't seem to lose their charm.

I recently recorded 10 of my favorite Boleros with just guitar and vocals at Ears & Gears ( These are "one-take" recordings that, although are far from perfect, carry my love for this style of music. I've decided to use Valentine's as an excuse to share theserecordings for FREE with everyone! So here are the two options you have for downloading them:


By simply "Liking" on my facebook page you will automatically download a file with this songs. Just go to this link and click "Like":



Simply visit my website ( and on the top right you'll see where it says "FREE SINGLE". Click on hat box where it says "Get it now!" and just by entering your email you'll receive the 10 songs FOR FREE!

So I hope that you'll enjoy these and that yo'll help me spread the word. Maybe you'll want to play them for someone you love tomorrow!

Here's a list of the songs that you'll DOWNLOAD FOR FREE:

1. La Barca

2. Sabor a Mi

3. Come Fue

4. Bachata Rosa

5. La Gloria Eres Tu

6. Sin Ti

7. Te Amaré Toda La Vida

8. Perfidia

9. Reloj

10. Pequeñas Cosas












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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Celebration with GUBB and Two-year anniversary of our monthly shows!!

Hi folks,

I just returned from an amazing week at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where I had the chance of playing my music with the members of the Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble lead by Don Glasgo. Very soon I'll share some pictures and videos of my time there but for now I want to remind you about our Valentine's Day show at Zinc Bar THIS THURSDAY. Also, we will be celebrating our TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF PERFORMING AT ZINC BAR EVERY MONTH! So whether you wanna take your significant other out for a night of dancing or if you wanna celebrate that you are single COME AND CELEBRATE WITH US!

I also wanted to mention the following: For the last two years the cover at the door of our Zinc Bar shows has been only $10 and you can imagine that when you divide this by 16 musicians there's not much left for each. Yes, musicians and artist love what they do and are not necessarily driven by money...hell, if that was the case, no body would want to be part of my big band! However, I have the privilege to have in my band amazingly talented and professional musicians who earn their living solely by their talent. These are musicians that are constantly playing on Broadway shows, recording on Grammy-winning albums, touring the world and playing in important Festivals. They have invested their time and money studying at some of the world's best music schools and spend hours each day mastering their craft. They have put so much time into learning my music, rehearsing constantly and, as you know, "bringing down the house" at each and one of our shows! If I could pay them what they deserve I would. So, from now on the cover at our shows at Zinc Bar will be $15 and I hope that you will continue to join us a this unique monthly celebration of Latin, Colombian and Big Band music! Believe me, we are not getting rich by doing these shows, but this extra $5 per cover will significantly help contribute to things like cab rides (many of my musicians are running to the show from playing other gigs), baby-siting costs, bus tickets (our guitarist Ignacio Hernández comes up from Washington, DC every month to play our show!) and maybe an extra beer in between sets. I appreciate your understanding and I hope that you'll continue to support our shows.

Anyway, here are the details for this THURSDAY'S SHOW! Looking forward to seeing you and having an amazing time as usual.

PS. We have a new original Cumbia that we'll play live for the first time this Thursday! It's called "Cumbia Universal".


DATE:    Thursday February 14, 2013

TIME:     9pm-12am

VENUE: Zinc Bar (

               82 West 3rd Street (btw. Sullivan and Thompson)

               New York, NY

COVER: $15





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