Friday, December 31, 2010

The many great things that happen on 2010

Whenever you are focused on showing your personal "project" to the world the "Ups and Downs" are always more extreme than usual. Sometimes you feel like things could not be better and the next day you feel like quitting. After sometime you just realize that that's just part of the natural flow of things when your heart is set on an ambitious goal. Anyway, looking back at 2010 I can only be great full for all the great things that happen...I don't mean to "blow my own horn". Its just that sometimes you need to realize how lucky you have been in order to find the drive to keep pushing...and yes, this is one of those situations ;)

-We recorded and released our first single "Caribe Contigo"


-We did a kick-ass video of that same song which is now being broadcasted on MTV Tr3s


-We performed at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn, NY


-Performed at SOB's


-Interview on CNN


-I learned how to use Twitter....well, sort of LOL


-Opened for Bomba Estereo


- And I cannot think of a better way to have finished this year than performing with and idol: the amzaing Carlos Vives himself!


So now that I bragged about how good the year was I have to say that there are many, many sleepless nights of confusion, insecurity and disappointment. But it is important to focus on the great things that happen to is important to stay grate full and positive. I wish you all the best for 2011, I thank you for the amazing support this year and I look forward to sharing more music with all of you on this coming year! 

PS. I hope your new year's party looks as fun as this one!



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Friday, December 17, 2010

Interview TONIGHT on Colombian Radio show 8pm-8:30pm

I have felt completely at home in Colombia after two and a half years of being away. I've always believed that the best thing about Colombia is the kindness of its people, and every time I come here I reaffirm that notion. In every restaurant, bar, store, taxi, every doorman and sales persons has a genuine smile or hand shake and are extremely polite. The "warmness" that you feel when you arrive in Colombia is unique and always makes me feel welcome.

On another note, TONIGHT I will be interviewed on colombian radio show "La Radio De la Noche" on RCN 770AM from 8:00pm - 8:30pm so stay tuned if you are in Colombia! Here is a link about the show:

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Classism in Colombia

As I was checking Facebook this morning I saw that my friend Mario Chamorro posted an article from the NY Times about how classism and racism in Colombia are represented in the country's largest beauty pageant:

It is a great article and it reminded me of a song a wrote a few years ago titled "Nacion" that I want to share it with you. 


This is a DEMO recording we did when I was in school and it is sang by Rodrigo Cuevas (

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