Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Toto La Momposina" will perform at the Encounter of Colombian Musicians in NYC!

Toto La Momposina, Colombia's most famous traditional artist, is coming to perform at the Encounter for Colombian Musicians in New York and guess what? We're playing right after her!! Talk about pressure right?!

The Encounter takes plays on both the 18th and 19th of June (we play on Friday the 18th at 9:20pm) and it includes amazing bands and musicians such as Folklore Urbano, La Cumbiamba Eneye, Lucia Pulido, Samuel Torres, Marta Gomez and did I mention "Toto La Momposina"?!!

You folks can't miss it. Its a beautiful event for all ages that Pablo and Anna Mayor (Folklore Urbano) have been organizing for many seven years already and its getting better each time! Below is all the info so pass it around.




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Seventh Annual Festival Announces Performance Schedule

Special Guests of Honor To Include Vocalist Totó la Momposina 
and her son, Artistic Director Marco Vinicio Oyaga

Festival organizers announce the performance schedule for the seventh annual Encounter of Colombian Musicians in New York, Saturday, June 18 through Sunday, June 19. This year's festival includes special guests of honor, legendary Colombian vocalist Totó la Momposina with her Artistic Director and son, Marco Vinicio Oyaga. 

Set to feature nearly 20 of New York's renowned Colombian musical ensembles, Encuentrowill convene upon one of NYC's prestigous cultural institutions this year, turning Harlem's El Museo del Barrio into a two-day center for Colombian music and culture on Manhattan's upper east-side.  This celebrated event will highlight Colombia's musical treasures, its rhythms like cumbia, currulao, vallenato, and bambuco, among countless others, on the eve of the Bicentennial year of Colombian independence.

The Encounter, or Encuentro, continues to inspire, educate, and awe its audiences with its varied artist showcases, ranging from the poetry of Marta Gómez, to the fire of virtuoso percussionist Samuel Torres, to the pure joy of the Afro-Colombian music of Diego Obregon's marimba de chonta, to the more subtle sounds of Spanish-derived Andean guitar music this year featuring Plectro Trio direct from Colombia. Dance bands like La Cumbiamba eNeYe, Pablo Mayor's renowned orchestra Folklore Urbano, and more jazz-oriented and avant-garde veterans like Hector Martignon and Lucía Pulido, reveal how Colombian music has taken its place at the forefront of the world music scene here in New York City and beyond. 

Festival Schedule

Friday, June 18th 6 PM - 12 AM
6:00 PM FIFO and Citizens of the World (Colombian jazz from Dallas TX)
6:30 PM Alejandro Flórez and Tibaguí (Modern Andean guitar music)
7:00 PM Ricardo Gallo-Tierra de Nadie (Contemporary Colombian jazz)
7:30 PM Hector Martignon (Colombian Latin jazz veteran and virtuoso pianist)
8:00 PM Dance Break in Café
8:45 PM Guest of Honor-Totó la Momposina
9:20 PM Gregorio Uribe Big Band (singer/accordionist Gregorio Uribe's dance band)
9:50 PM Marta Gómez (renowned singer-songwriter)
10:20 PM Dance Break in Café
10:50 PM Johanna Castañeda y su Grupo Llanero (rhythmic music from Los Llanos featuring Johanna Castañeda on cuatro and vocals, with Colombian harp)
11:20 PM Rebolú (Caribbean dance band)

Saturday, June 19th 6 PM - 12 AM
6:00 PM Parias Ensemble (classical/contemporary/jazz fusion led by guitarist Daniel Reyes)
6:30 PM Harold Gutierrez (musical director of Mestizo dance ensemble-traditional dance music)
7:00 PM Sebastián Cruz and the Cheap Landscape Trio (rock/jazz fusion led by guitarist and Lucía Pulido's musical director Sebastián Cruz)
7:30 PM Plectro Trio from Colombia (traditional Andean music from renowned Colombian based guitar trio)
8:00 PM Dance Break in Café
8:45 PM Folklore Urbano (Pablo Mayor's renowned 12-piece jazz/dance orchestra)
9:15 PM Guest of Honor-Totó la Momposina
9:50 PM Samuel  Torres (renowned virtuoso percussionist)
10:20 PM Yiyo Obregón y Grupo Chonta (traditional music from Colombia's pacific coast led by marimba maestro Diego Obregon)
11:00 PM La Cumbiamba eNeYe (Renowned folkloric band led by Martin Vejarano)
11:30 PM Jam/Descarga Colombiana

High Line
Friday, June 18, 6 PM - 12 AM
*Saturday, June 19, 6 PM - 12 AM

*1 - 4 PM (Target FREE Super Sabados)

One evening pass:
At the door: $30.00, in advance: $25.00
Students with ID: $20.00 (ID required))
Children (12 and under): $15 (ID required)
El Museo Del Barrio
1230 East 5th Avenue (at 104th Street)
New York, NY 10029
Phone: (212) 831-7272
El Museo
For more information, please contact:
Pablo Mayor-Folklore urbano 917-655-1927
Anna Povich de Mayor -

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