Friday, July 2, 2010

Another awesome stranger in the city

Half an hour ago I got to the Jamaica Station to catch the Long Island Rail Road and leave the city for the 4th of July weekend. I got there early so I walked around and thought I grab something to eat and, of course, I ended up going into the "chicken-sandwich- fries-and-soda-all-for-$4.60-place"...does that conflict with me going to the hamptons for the weekend?! You tell me...

Anyway, when I sat down a man sat next to me and said "I think I know where I recognize you from". At that point I'm guessing he's gonna say something like...well I wasn't sure what he would say but I thought we was gonna say something random just to start one of those awkward, but every now and then interesting, subway conversations. And as I look at him skeptically waiting for him to make up something he says: "you have an amazing big band" (the word he used wasn't "amazing" but it was something good...which is what got me exited and is why I'm wasting my time, and yours, by writing this small anecdote.)

So this man actually had been to the "encounter of colombian musicians" a few weeks ago and saw us perform there. He's been reaserching african music and its diaspora in the Americas. He knows pretty much all of the outdoor shows that happen in the city and we had such a pleassent converstion. Unfortunately we didn't have too much time to talk as I had to run to the LIRR but I'm sure I'll be seeing Kevin again.

So, this is just another proof that this city is both huge and tiny at the same time. (Sorry for the spelling mistakes...I don't know how to work the spell check on my phone)
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