Friday, December 23, 2011

Growing up with Boleros

Growing up I use to listen to my parents play romantic Boleros all the time...and I have to be honest I wasn't really crazy about this music (especially when you were stuck in the car on a three hour road trip!) But, In my defense I was about 9 years old so you can't really blame me for thinking that it was boring "old-people" music.

However, the years go by and all of a sudden you start enjoying this music that used to sound so cheesy and old-fashioned and you start releating to it (probably something to do with getting your heart broken for the first time).

So one of the songs that I wrote for my first album "Pluma Y Vino", is a Bolero titled "Una Excusa" ("An Excuse") and it just goes to show how much we are influenced by what we listen to as kids, and how we slowly begin appreciating some of what "the grown-ups" used to like.

I hope you enjoy my Bolero "Una Excusa" and share it with your close ones. Happy Holidays!


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