Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It doesn't really get more romantic than "Boleros". These beautiful songs have  been dedicated in serenades througout Latin America for generations and don't seem to lose their charm.

I recently recorded 10 of my favorite Boleros with just guitar and vocals at Ears & Gears ( These are "one-take" recordings that, although are far from perfect, carry my love for this style of music. I've decided to use Valentine's as an excuse to share theserecordings for FREE with everyone! So here are the two options you have for downloading them:


By simply "Liking" on my facebook page you will automatically download a file with this songs. Just go to this link and click "Like":



Simply visit my website ( and on the top right you'll see where it says "FREE SINGLE". Click on hat box where it says "Get it now!" and just by entering your email you'll receive the 10 songs FOR FREE!

So I hope that you'll enjoy these and that yo'll help me spread the word. Maybe you'll want to play them for someone you love tomorrow!

Here's a list of the songs that you'll DOWNLOAD FOR FREE:

1. La Barca

2. Sabor a Mi

3. Come Fue

4. Bachata Rosa

5. La Gloria Eres Tu

6. Sin Ti

7. Te Amaré Toda La Vida

8. Perfidia

9. Reloj

10. Pequeñas Cosas












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