Thursday, April 18, 2013

Become supporters of our FIRST ALBUM through Kickstarter

Finally the moment is here to make GREGORIO URIBE BIG BAND's first album a REALITY!!

Over the past few years many of you have asked me "when are you guys gonna record an album?". Well, with YOUR SUPPORT we can finally make it happen!

I set up an online campaign on where ANYONE can contribute funds and become supporters of our album and get some pretty cool rewards in return (including ME writing a song for YOU!).

So I want to ask you to become supporters of my album and to also help me spread the word with as many people as you can. You can donate from $5 to $10,000 and all contributions we'll get us closer to our goal. We launched the campaign yesterday and have already got $2,000 pledged!!

Here is the link for the campaign:

Thank you all so much for your support.


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