Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Last night I went to see an amazing singer with an amazing band at Zinc Bar. Her name is Malika Zarra and she's from Morroco. If you get a chance to check her out do so, you won't regret it! Such happening groove and such beautiful dynamics.

To my surprise the percussionist was Satoshi Takeishi. This man is a one of the most musical drummers I ever heard. I used to transcribe his playing when I was in Berklee listening to Antonio Arnedo's music and I finally got to meet him last night! This Japanese musician is one of the best interpreters of Colombian rhythms (and of hundreds of other rhythms for that matter).

Aside from the magic of constantly running into master musicians in small live shows (last week was Eric Clapton, Roger Waters and Steve Gadd), there is also another kind of magic here: Everytime I see a show in this city I come out of there feeling that I want to play and write music like the one I just heard. There is so much great material that you just wish you had ten more lives just to learn to play every instrument and every style...

Gregorio focus! You've got a big band to take care of. Don't get distracted by all the good music around.
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  1. Yes G! Satoshi is fantastically musical. I've been tracking him since the mid 90's, when he and Lucía Pulido put out their "Pagan Songs" CD (still a favorite).

    And you're enthusiasm is just so Colombian! I heard you at last years Encuentro in NYC and it was great fun...sort of a Gil Evans meets Alejo Duran vibe. Loved it!