Thursday, September 23, 2010

Final lyrics for 16-language song!

Ladies and Gentleman,

After all of your great help and contributions I give you the lyrics for my latest song which we'll perform for the first time next Tuesday September 28th, at SOB's in New York City (link below). Please have compassion with my pronunciation of all these 16 languages ;)  Thank you all who contributed!!!!


Welcome To La Capital (Lyrics)


This is where I wanna be (English)

Hayda el makan yalli bheb (Arabic)

Inima mea este aici (Romanian)

L'utshe m'esta vm'ire ny'et (Russian)


Paradis qui me rend fou (French)

Po Ani Kuli Ejhad (Hebrew)

Disinilah tempatku (Indonesian)

A gente adora este lugar (Portuguese)


Welcome to La Capital (X4)


Der ainzige Ort für mich (German)

Da i su ki na ba sho (Japonese)

wǒ bùnéng méiyǒu nǐ (Chinese)

Qui dove vive el mio cuor (Italian)


Ñoqa waylluni kaypi (Quechua)

To meros pu agapo (Greek)

Her samler iaig min styrke (Danish)

Mi lugar de inspiracion (Spanish)


Welcome to La Capital (X4)


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