Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I still need more 7-syllable phrases (any language!)

I still need more 7-syllable phrases in different languages to build this song! Here are the ones that I have so far so you get an idea: 

·      Italian: qui de dove il mio cuore vive / here is where my heart lives / Sara Cancino


·      Swiss german: da fühl ich mich deheime  / here is where I feel at home / Linus


·      French: C'est l'endroit que j'aime- this is the place I love / Caroline Lahoud


·      French: Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi- I can't live without you / Caroline Lahoud


·      Qechua: Ñoqa waylluni kaypi / yo amo este sitio / Cristal Downing


·      Russian: место, где я любовь / the place I love / Diana Marin


·      Hebrew: LO YAHOL BLI HAMAKOM HAZE /"I can't live without this place" / Gil Allouche


·      Hebrew: ZE HAMAKOM AHAHUV ALAY / "this is the place I love" / Gil Allouche


·      Hebrew: KAN ANI MITHABER EL HA OLAM / this is where I connect with the world" / Gil Allouche


·      Cape Verdean Krioulo: minha sonho ka ten fin / my dreams don’t end


·      Greek: to meros pou agapo / the place I love / Miles Georgoulopoulos


·      Portuguese: Meu cantinho amado / my beloved little corner / marcus santos


·      Romanian: Inima mea este aici / my heart is here / Laura Vitencu


·      Mandarin: wǒ bùnéng méiyǒu nǐ / I can’t live without you / Camilo Plazas/Christian Saffon


·      Arabic: Hayda el mahal yalli bheb / this is the place i love / Stephanie Jarrouche


·      Arabic: hone matrah ma betwasal maa el aalam / this is where I onnect with the world / Stephanie Jarrouche


·      Arabic: ma fiye iche bala hal matrah / I cant live without this place / Stephanie Jarrouche


·      Arabic (7sylables!): hayda el matrah li bheb / this is the place I love / Stephanie Jarrouche


·      Indonesian: disinilah tempatku / here’s where I belong / Windy Stiadi



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