Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New York Cumbia Scene gets together to take things to the next level!!

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Something's cooking folks!!!



News Release


For Immediate Release


New York Cumbia Scene gets together to take things to the next level 


EVENT: New York Cumbia Meeting

DATE: Friday April 1st, 2011

TIME: 5pm – 7pm

PLACE: Terraza 7 Train Cafe

             40-19 Gleane Street

    Queens, NY 11373

COST: Free


New York, March 28th, 2011 – At 5pm this Friday April 1st New York-based Cumbia bandleaders, DJ’s, promoters, music labels, journalist, videographers, bloggers, and Conusers will be meeting at Terraza Train Café ( to discuss ways of working together to expand the already existing Cumbia-movement in New York City and around the world. The guest list includes bandleaders and members of New York-based Cumbia Bands such as Cumbiagra (, Chicha Libre (, Folklore Urbano (, Achuira (, Gregorio Uribe Big Band (, La Cumbiamba Eneye ( and Maku Sound System ( Olivier Conan from Barbes Records ( and Pablo Mayor from Chonta Records ( will also be present.


Jean Bernabe from “Que Bajo?” ( and DJ’s Geko Jones ( and Uproot Andy ( have also been invited to this meeting.


The Cumbia craze in New York has already been around for a few years. Weather it is traditional Colombian folklore, “Cumbia Amazonica”, Electro-Cumbia or any other form of it, people from all over the world have been dancing to this beat in all of the NYC boroughs. This Friday for the first time all of these Cumbia-subcategories come together for a friendly interaction, networking and brainstorming. This meeting will not include live music but it will be a great way of getting to know many of the people involved in the scene.

Journalist Nuria Net, former editor of, has already shed light on this Cumbia wave in her article on the Daily News:  “Cumbia Revolution Grows in Brooklyn” (See article:


If you have never danced Cumbia, do not be surprised if you find yourself dancing to this infectious Cumbia beat very soon!


Contact Info: Gregorio Uribe / / 617-504-4167

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